Update: 3/13/2018
2018 Volume and Projection Data Updated

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Update: 10/1/2017
2017 Volume Data Updated

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Update: 8/19/2015
2015 Path to Purchase Study Available


Update: 7/16/2014
2014 Retail Volume & Price Added

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Update: 7/16/2014
2014 Tracking Reports Posted

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Update: 8/23/2013
Latest Hass Insights Issue

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Update: 8/12/2013
2012 Annual Report Posted

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Update: 12/26/2012
Q3 AvoScoreCards

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Update: 12/17/2012
Avocado Express No. 3

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Update: 11/2/2012
Avocado User Recipe Audit Study

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Update: 10/23/2012
Fall 2012 Tracking Study

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About the Hass Avocado Board

Hass Avocado Board Staff

Emiliano Escobedo

Executive Director


Robert M. Rumph

Vice President of Finance


Nikki A. Ford, PhD

Nutrition Director


John McGuigan

Industry Affairs Director


Gina Widjaja

Marketing and Communications Director


Natalia Arias

Digital Marketing and Communications Manager


Alejandro Gavito

Global Data Manager


Silvia Standake

Executive Assistant


Marita Grimes

Program Assistant