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En Español VOL. 3 #3
by Emiliano Escobedo, Executive Director
The health and nutrition buzz about Hass avocados continues to get louder.
The health and nutrition buzz about Hass avocados continues to get louder. Research conducted by Ohio State University shows that fresh avocado enhances absorption of essential nutrients for healthy living. The study was recently published in the Journal of Nutrition.

The research, "Avocado consumption enhances human post-prandial absorption and conversion from a novel high beta-carotene tomato sauce and from carrots," conducted at The Ohio State University and supported by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB), investigated if avocados could help the body better use and absorb vitamin A from carotene-rich foods when eaten together.


The study showed that consuming a whole fresh avocado with either an orange-colored tomato sauce or raw carrots significantly enhanced provitamin A carotenoid (alpha- and beta-carotene) absorption and conversion of these carotenoids to an active form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is involved in reproductive health and growth promotion helps support healthy skin, immune function, and vision; and has antioxidant properties.

In response to this publication HAB will launch a media campaign to announce the significant findings, as a part of our comprehensive marketing strategy, to ensure nutrition information reaches our target audience and drives consumption.

HAB's nutrition research program is greatly helping the avocado industry position avocados with consumers as "good-for-you." Recent publications have been incorporated into marketing materials and consumer communication pieces, to help drive consumption and avocado sales.

This latest research publication moves us toward our goal of establishing a pipeline of good news to continue to tell a strong nutrition story that is grounded in science.

View the abstract or the full study here

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