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Retail Data Report
									Insights: Retail Data and Research Newsletter from the Hass Avocado Board


With this issue of HASS Insights, we are pleased to bring you a newly expanded retail data set that provides you with a more comprehensive view of the fresh produce market. This new data set reflects avocado sales and volume from Walmart, Sam's Club, Target and BJ's in addition to the traditional grocery data utilized in previous reports. Additionally, we now have an expanded list of Markets, which replaces the previous DMA markets (DMAs, or Designated Marketing Areas, were geographically defined advertising markets). The new Markets are the standard retail grocery markets as defined by Symphony/IRI and the retailers. You may even witness a new direction in some market trends with the expansion of this data set. Because of these changes, you cannot easily compare these new reports to reports of the past.


Avocado infographic
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Avocado $ Sales Continue their Upward Advance Compared to 3-Year Averages!

The 3-Year Rolling Index shows how recent category performance compares to long-term trends. The index measures weekly sales averages ($) for the eight tracked Regions and Total U.S. relative to their respective 3-year weekly averages (100). For example, a Regional index of 105 would mean the Region's average weekly sales were +5% higher than the Region's 3-year average. An index of 80 would mean average weekly sales were -20% below the Region's 3-year average. For the current 52 weeks ending 1/27/2013, all Regions outperformed their respective 3-year averages. The Northeast Region holds the top spot with an index of 115.
Average weekly graphic

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Avocado Dollar Sales Post Strong Gains Across all Markets!

The year started out with a bang as dollar sales grew significantly across all markets for the 4-week period ending 1/27/2013 vs. year ago. This dollar growth is especially notable in light of the continuing downward trend in Average Selling Price. All markets, without exception, showed gains, with most actually delivering double-digit growth rates. Check the report for individual market results.

In line with the dollar trend, avocado volume (units) also reached new levels across the majority of tracked markets for the 4-week period ending 1/27/2013. Four markets exceeded a unit growth rate of +50%, led by Grand Rapids at an impressive +91.3%. Click on the report for individual market results.


Avocado Volume Trend Outpaces the Growth Rate for Total Fruit Threefold!

Total U.S. - Top Volume (LBS):

Avocado volume (lbs.) grew at three times the growth rate for the total fruit category during the 13 weeks ending 1/27/2013 versus year ago. Avocado's volume trend of +16% outperformed total fruit by +11 points. This performance places Avocados in the #3 spot on a percentage growth basis among fruits with volume over 75 million pounds. Melons lead the line-up this period with a growth rate of +30%.
Top arrows

Avocado $ Growth Rate Strong and Climbing!

Volume Arrow

Total U.S. - Top Dollars:

Dollar growth remains strong for Avocados at +14% for the 13 weeks ending 1/27/2013 versus year ago. Avocados rank #6 in total dollars sold (among fruits with sales over $120 million), and #4 in terms of dollar growth on a percentage basis, outpacing growth for the total fruit category by +3 points.

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Don't miss out on important information from two special reports:

Bagged Avocados' retail dollars grew 80% during the three-year analysis from 2010-2012. See how you can tap into this category. Click on the link to read HAB's Retail Sales Opportunity Analysis: Bagged Avocados report to discover what bag count size is the top seller, what total avocado category and distribution trends are leading the way, and how avocados are performing in the total U.S. and regional markets.

Each year the Hass Avocado Board tracks and monitors retail trends, changes and challenges that impact the retail and produce industries. Click on the link to read HAB's Opportunities to Build Hass Avocado Retail Sales 2012 Annual Trends Report to learn about the dynamic shifts that are occurring in our vibrant industry in a quick and easily digestible format.

Target Details Canada Rollout, Adds Urban Stores in U.S. Target expects to launch its entry into Canada in early April in the Toronto area, with plans to open 124 stores across the country in five waves. Supermarket News, February 27, 2013. Ahold has been eyeing Matthews, North Carolina-based Harris Teeter Supermarkets. The chain operates 211 stores, predominantly in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina, which would help Ahold expand in mid-Atlantic and Southeast states. AndNowUKnow.com, March 28, 2013. Supervalu Albertsons $3.3 Billion Deal Closed March 21, 2013, reuniting the brands that went separate ways in 2006. Supervalu announced it was selling all Albertsons, Acme, Jewel-Osco, Shaw's and Star Market stores to Cerberus, the investment firm that purchased some of the Albertsons stores in 2006 AndNowUKnow.com, March 21, 2013.
Whole Foods Plans to Grow Produce on NYC Rooftop with 20,000-square-foot greenhouse on the roof a store in Brooklyn, N.Y. Gotham Greens will grow pesticide-free produce year-round to supply the store and others in New York City. Progressive Grocer, April 1, 2013.
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