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Retail Data Report
									Insights: Retail Data and Research Newsletter from the Hass Avocado Board


Avocado DMA Snapshot
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3-Year Rolling Index

The Northeast Index Climbing Higher
No Sign of Slowing Down

52-Weeks Ending 9/8/2013

The Northeast posted an index of 133 this period, its highest index of the year. California, the largest sales region, indexes lowest, at 110, but still above the 3-year average. All Regions outperformed their respective 3-year averages.

The 3-Year Rolling Index shows how recent category performance compares to long-term trends. The index measures weekly sales averages ($) for the eight tracked Regions and Total U.S. relative to their respective 3-year weekly averages (100). For example, a Regional index of 105 would mean the Region's average weekly sales were +5% higher than the Region's 3-year average. An index of 80 would mean average weekly sales were -20% below the Region's 3-year average.

Average weekly graphic


Spotlight On the Midsouth Region
4-Weeks Ending 9/8/2013

The Midsouth reached the top of the dollar growth rate chart for the first time this year at +28%. The Midsouth is tied with the Great Lakes at a 9% dollar share of the Total U.S. Avocado market; however, its dollar growth rate is more than twice that of Great Lakes.

Four of the top five Markets (based on dollar growth rate) in the Total U.S. are in the Midsouth Region. Baltimore showed a +$390,000 gain in absolute dollars, the largest gain of any Market in the Midsouth.

To see how other Regions are doing, check the detailed report.

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Peaches Spring Out Ahead
Close Race for Other Top Fruits

13-Weeks Ending 9/8/2013

Total U.S. - Top Retail Volume (LBS):

Avocado volume (lbs.) grew at +8%, outpacing that of Total Fruit (+3%) by +5 points. Avocados rank #4 on a growth rate basis among all high volume fruits, behind Peaches (+13%), Nectarines and Grapes. Apples came in at #5.
Top arrows

Top Dollar Growth Rate Leader Tumbles
Can Avocados Outshine the Rest?

13-Weeks Ending 9/8/2013

Volume Arrow

Total U.S. - Top Retail Dollars ($):

Avocados climb the chart and continue to show strong growth in dollars, with sales up +12%. While Avocados rank #7 in total dollars sold (among fruits with sales over $120 million), they surpassed last month's leader (Nectarines) and came in at #1 in growth rate. Apples came in second at +9%. Nectarines, Berries and Grapes round out the top five. Growth of Avocados outpaced Total Fruit by +7 points.

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The goal of HAB's Shopper Motivations and Influences: Driving Hass Avocado Sales at Retail - Qualitative Path-to-Purchase is to understand how shoppers purchase avocados. The report reveals that the shopping experience matters. In-store presentation, quality and price are all significant factors influencing the shopper's decision to purchase avocados and the quantity of avocados purchased. This in-depth report uncovers actionable insights and direction to guide future sales, marketing, merchandising and research decisions. Read the full report by clicking here.

The State of the Category is a must-have report for sales, marketers and executives that need to understand the details of the category; avocado contribution to the produce department; regional price fluctuations; volume by market; and Hass vs. non-Hass sales information and much more. Click here to read the full report.
Unsold Dominick's Stores to Close Around Dec. 28 Dominick's stores that aren't sold to competing grocers will close on or around Dec. 28, the store's parent company said in a letter to employees. Dominick's, which Safeway bought for $1.2 billion in 1998, has roots in Chicago that go back to the 1920s. There are 72 in the region; four of which have been sold to the owner of Jewel-Osco. Chicago Tribune November 1, 2013
The Boise-based discount grocery chain WinCo Foods will open two new supermarkets in Norco, Calif. A fifth major distribution center is under construction in Phoenix, Ariz. The company plans to open its first two Texas stores in Fort Worth and McKinney in early 2014.Idaho Statesman,
November 5, 2013

Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter Takeover of Pig Stores Nearly Complete Harris Teeter has replaced most of its share of Piggly Wiggly stores in the Charleston region, and Bi-Lo will soon do the same. Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo bought 12 local stores from the Charleston-based Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co. in September. Harris Teeter acquired seven local stores, and five have been updated and were reopened under its name. The Post and Courier, October 24, 2013
  Costco, Trader Joe's to Shake up Fort Collins' Crowded Grocery Scene New players expected in Fort Collins' grocery landscape all but guarantee a shrinking market for the 20 major stores in and around the city. Warehouse superstore Costco and niche market Trader Joe's both plan to open next fall-Costco at the Interstate 25 Harmony Road exit in Timnath and Trader Joe's at The Square next to Foothills Mall. Coloradoan.com, November 8, 2013
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