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Retail Data Report
									Insights: Retail Data and Research Newsletter from the Hass Avocado Board


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Avocado $ Sales in All Regions "Over-Index" Compared to the 3-Year Average!

A look at the 3-Year Rolling Index provides additional evidence of the impressive growth of the Avocado category this year. The index measures relative sales levels ($) for the eight tracked Regions and for Total U.S. compared to the 3-year average (100). For example, an index of 113 means sales were +13% higher than the average. An index of 80 would mean sales were -20% below the average. For the current 52 weeks (ending 12/2/2012), Total U.S. and all Regions posted double-digit gains over the 3-Year average. The Midsouth Region holds the top spot with an index of 132.
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Avocado Growth Rates (LBS.) Exceed 50% Across Multiple Markets!

In a banner year for Avocados, volume growth rates are reaching impressive levels across a wide number of markets. For the 4-weeks ending 12/2/2012, four tracked markets reached or exceeded a growth rate of +50%. With a 4-week volume growth rate of +56%, Philadelphia ranked in the top spot, outperforming the strong national rate of +20%. A review of YTD volume growth shows five markets topping the 50% mark with New York building avocado volume growth to +71% over prior year!

Although tempered by price declines, dollar growth remains very strong for the 4-week and YTD reporting periods ending 12/2/2012. 24 of the 38 tracked markets outpaced the national 4-week dollar growth rate of +12%. Measured on a YTD basis, the national Avocado growth rate ($) of +12% was matched or exceeded by 21 of the 38 tracked markets. Check the report for individual market results.

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Avocados Merit #2 Spot Based on Volume Growth Rate!

Total U.S. - Top Volume (LBS):

The total fruit category grew +6% (lbs.) for the 13-week period ending 12/2/2012 versus year ago. Avocados outperformed total fruit by +25 points with a growth rate of +31%. This notable performance earned Avocados the #2 spot on a percentage growth basis among fruits with volume over 75 million pounds. Pineapples moved to the front of the pack this period with a growth rate of +35%.
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Avocado $ Growth Rate Strong and Climbing!

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Total U.S. - Top Dollars:

Growing +15% ($) for the 13-week period ending 12/2/2012 versus year ago, Avocados dropped a notch to the #4 position from their prior #3 spot (among fruits with sales over $120). Despite this reordering in the ranks, Avocados actually gained +2 points over their prior period growth rate of +13%. Outpacing Avocados this period were Berries with a dollar growth rate of +21%, and Apples and Melons both at +16%.

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Supervalu and Cerberus name Robert G. Miller as Chairman. Blogs.wsj.com, January 10, 2013. Supervalu sells 5 of its supermarket chains, totaling 877 stores from the Albertsons, Acme, Jewel-Osco, Shaw's and Star Market chains. Chicago Tribune, January 10, 2013. California's cold front threatens the state's citrus harvest, vegetables, and strawberry crop. Chicago Tribune, January 11, 2013.
Sweetbay plans to close 35 "underperforming" stores by mid-February. Produce News, January 17, 2013. Food Lion announced the closing of 8 stores from the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia regions by February. Wsoctv.com, January 21, 2013. Magruder's in
negotiations to sell its 4 remaining stores in the Washington region. Perishable News, January 21, 2013.
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