Hass Insights - Hass Avocado Board
2015 Issue 11
(Week Ending 8/9/2015)

New Study Finds Shoppers Spend
+65% More When Avocados Are in the Basket
The Hass Avocado Board's new study Keys to the Cart: Driving Hass Avocado Sales at Retail unveils how avocado purchases impact the value of the retail market basket, and identifies key shoppers and purchase behaviors driving these results. For example, the retail market basket analysis shows that shoppers spend +65% more in-store overall when avocados are in the basket; and millennial shoppers spend +73% more in-store overall when avocados are in the basket. Click here to view the full report.
Avocados vs. Total Produce (Dollars)
4-Weeks Ending 8/9/2015*
Avocados - 20%
Produce - 4%
Monthly Markets & Regions
Avocado Category Explodes
All Regions Back to Double-Digit Dollar Growth
4-Weeks Ending 8/9/2015*
An avocado category growth explosion not seen since March of 2015 has occurred during the past 4-weeks ending 8/9/2015. All regions grew double-digits in dollars and volume with category dollar growth reaching +20%, while volume grew +32%.
The Great Lakes Region posted the largest avocado growth rate in dollars (+26%). Southeast posted the largest volume gain at +48%. All markets in Great Lakes and Southeast were up double-digits in volume and dollars.
To see how other Markets and Regions are doing, check the detailed report.
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Avocado PLU Comparison
4-Weeks Ending 8/9/2015*
Avocado PLU $ Share of Category
Avocado Dollars Growth Rate vs. Prior Year
Avocado PLU Units Share of Category
Avocado Units Growth Rate vs. Prior Year
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Monthly Markets & Regions
Avocado Category Growth Speeding Up
52-Weeks ending 8/9/2015* vs. the 3-year average
3-Year Average Chart
3-Year Average Chart
The avocado category is increasing at a faster rate, now indexing at 123 for Total U.S., surpassing the previous Total U.S. index of 121. Southeast index hit 131, leading the 3-year index ranking. All Regions continue to show outstanding growth in the current 52-week period, surpassing their respective 3-year averages.
The 3-Year Rolling Index compares recent category growth to the long-term (3-year) growth trends for the Total U.S. and for each of the Regions. For example, an index of 120 means the current growth rate exceeds the long-term trend by 20%. An index of 80 means the current growth rate lags the long-term trend by 20%.

*Source: IRI confidential information. HAB's calculation based in part on data reported by Information Resources, Inc. through its Freshlook Service for the Avocado category for Multi-Outlet (MULO). The information is believed to be reliable at the time supplied by IRI but is neither all-inclusive nor guaranteed by IRI. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, specific data points may vary considerably from other information sources.
Retail Review
Grocer Haggen files for bankruptcy and replaces executive after failing to win over shoppers  
After struggling for months, grocer Haggen Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection. The bankruptcy is one more dramatic turn in months of turmoil for Haggen, which is majority owned by the Comvest Partners investment group. Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2015.
3 things planned for Whole Foods 365
The niche grocery market in Central Florida is among the hottest in retail real estate. Here's what you can look forward to with the 365 concept. The format will be geared more toward millennials. Some of the new stores will be ideal for underserved grocery markets. The store sizes will range 25,000-35,000 square feet. Orlando Business Journal, September 2, 2015.
Grocery wars: How many supermarket chains can Florida handle?
The grocery store market in Florida seems as crowded as the line for a Publix sub at lunch time. Nevertheless, new upstarts think there's room for them, and their arrival will give shoppers even more variety. So don't be surprised to see Sprouts Farmers Market, Lucky's Market and Earth Fare coming to Tampa Bay soon. Tampa Bay Times, September 4, 2015.

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