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2015 Issue 13
(Week Ending 9/27/2015)
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Take action to maximize your avocado sales
The 2015 Path-to-Purchase Action Guide is a go-to resource for insight into what matters at-shelf to the avocado shopper. This Action Guide offers a brief, graphical summary of the 2015 Quantitative Path-to-Purchase Study. This study reveals the primary and secondary factors in the shopper’s decision to purchase avocados. Discover what matters most at-shelf by clicking the link above.
The annual retail Top Ten Trends report has arrived
Each year the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) monitors the retail trends, changes and challenges that impact the retail and produce industries. In order to minimize your time reading, HAB has developed this report to provide you with key topics in a Top 10 format. Each section has a suggested action for shippers/handlers and/or retailers. These suggested actions are recommendations for building the Hass avocado category.
Avocados vs. Total Produce
Q3 volume (lbs) up double-digits in all markets -
Colorado leading at +46%

How does your market compare?
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Avoscore cards are your primary source for up-to-date
Total U.S., regional and market level Avocado retail trends.
Avocados vs. Total Produce
California and West dollars per store
double that of any other region

How does your region compare?
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What insights do these reports offer?
The regional composites offer insights in a simple, easy to understand format.
Some information you will see in these reports:
Key insights summarized in one-sentence headlines
Avocados vs. total produce opportunity
Individually segmented quarters in addition to YTD sales
Spotlight on key PLU drivers
At-a-glance regional sales per store comparisons
Monthly Markets & Regions
Great Lakes sales spike –
now fastest growing region
4-Weeks Ending 10/4/2015
Great Lakes is the fastest growing region in dollars (+28%) and volume (+43%), and posted the second largest absolute dollar gain at +3.0 million incremental dollars. Total U.S. added +17.9 million units.
Chicago was the largest market in Great Lakes, up +33% and adding +$888k in incremental sales. Chicago volume increased +48%.
To see how other markets and regions are doing, check the detailed report.
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Retail Review
Kroger and Roundy’s to merge in $800 million deal
Supermarket operator Kroger Co., based in Cincinnati, will purchase all outstanding shares of Milwaukee-based retailer Roundy’s in a merger deal valued at $800 million that was announced Nov. 11. Roundy’s will operate as a subsidiary of the Kroger Co. and will be led by current members of Roundy’s senior management. The Produce News, November 11, 2015.
Haggen seeks to sell all remaining stores
Following news that bankrupt Haggen would auction most of its recently acquired stores from the Albertsons-Safeway merger and focus on its core profitable locations, it's been reported that the embattled grocer is looking to sell all remaining stores and go out of business. Progressive Grocer, November 10, 2015.
Fresh & Easy calls it quits
Nearly eight years after its grand debut, El Segundo, Calif.-based Fresh & Easy has finally pulled the plug and will close or sell its remaining 97 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. The move marks the fated end of the line for the struggling chain, which had previously cut in half the number of stores it had at its peak. Progressive Grocer, October 21, 2015.

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