Avocado dollar growth rate nears double-digits – 3x higher than Total Produce
Avocado dollar growth rate nears double-digits – 3x higher than Total Produce
Hass Insights - Hass Avocado Board
2017 Issue 11
(Week Ending 8/13/2017)
Avocados vs. Total Produce
4 weeks ending 8/13/2017*
Avocados +9.8
Produce +3.1%
Monthly Markets & Regions
The West is obsessed – with avocados
4 weeks ending 8/13/2017*

The West region was a star performer this period, recording the highest volume (+7.2%) and dollar (+15.6%) gains of the regions. West also ranked second highest in total avocado sales, and is home to some of the largest avocado markets.

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Avocado PLU Comparison
4 weeks ending 8/13/2017*
Avocado PLU $ Share of Category
Avocado Dollars Growth Rate vs. Prior Year
Avocado PLU Units Share of Category
Avocado Units Growth Rate vs. Prior Year
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Monthly Markets & Regions
Five of eight regions surpass 130
52-Weeks ending 8/13/2017 vs. the 3-year average*
3-Year Average Chart
Map of USA
Sales indices ranged from 119 in California to 140 in Southeast this period, and five regions surpassed 130. The Total U.S. index hit 128 for the period.

The 3-Year Rolling Index compares recent category sales rates to the long-term (3-year) sales rates for the Total U.S. and for each of the regions. For example, an index of 120 means the current sales rate exceeds the long-term rate by 20%. An index of 80 means the current sales rate lags the long-term rate by 20%.

*Source: IRI confidential information. HAB's calculation based in part on data reported by Information Resources, Inc. through its Freshlook Service for the Avocado category for Multi-Outlet (MULO). The information is believed to be reliable at the time supplied by IRI. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, specific data points may vary considerably from other information sources.
Retail Review
Kroger invites local suppliers to join the Kroger family of companies
The Kroger Co. is welcoming local and emerging brands interested in partnering with the company through the launch of Kroger.Com/WeAreLocal. Kroger already sources from thousands of local suppliers employing a team of buyers to look continuously for opportunities to purchase regionally.
The Shelby Report, Sept 25, 2017.
Walmart testing direct-to-fridge grocery delivery
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing a new service that delivers groceries not just to a customer’s house, but also directly inside the person’s fridge. The grocer is testing the new idea with August Home, a San Francisco-based provider of smart locks and other smart home accessories, in Silicon Valley with a small group of the provider’s customers. All testers opted in to participate in the test.
Progressive Grocer, Sept 25, 2017.
Walmart tests online grocery pickup for EBT users
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing an initiative that allows customers using EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) benefits to use its click-and-collect service for grocery purchases. The Bentonville, Ark.-based mega-retailer now is testing Online Grocery Pickup in one Houston-area store and four more around Boise, Idaho. It plans to bring the service to customers using EBT benefits in markets through and beyond the holiday season.
Progressive Grocer, Sept 19, 2017.

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