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2015 Volume Data Updated

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2014 Retail Volume & Price Added

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2014 Tracking Reports Posted

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Latest Hass Insights Issue

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2012 Annual Report Posted

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Q3 AvoScoreCards

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Avocado Express No. 3

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Avocado User Recipe Audit Study

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Fall 2012 Tracking Study

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2014 AvoScore Cards



Starting in 2014, the quarterly AvoScore Cards reflect a newly expanded retail data set that provides you with a more comprehensive view of the fresh produce market. In addition to avocado sales and volume from the traditional grocery retailers, the Markets, Regions and Total U.S. now reflect avocado sales and volume from Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target and BJ’s. This new data set also includes an updated list of Markets, which replaces the previous list of DMA markets. You may witness a new direction in some trends with the expansion of this data set. Because of these changes, you cannot easily compare 2014 reports to reports of the past.


For more information on how the AvoScore Cards are compiled, view the research abstract.

For National Average Avocado Price Data click here.




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