Update: 10/1/2017
2017 Volume Data Updated

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Update: 8/19/2015
2015 Path to Purchase Study Available


Update: 7/16/2014
2014 Retail Volume & Price Added

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Update: 7/16/2014
2014 Tracking Reports Posted

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Update: 8/23/2013
Latest Hass Insights Issue

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Update: 8/12/2013
2012 Annual Report Posted

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Update: 12/26/2012
Q3 AvoScoreCards

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Update: 12/17/2012
Avocado Express No. 3

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Update: 11/2/2012
Avocado User Recipe Audit Study

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Update: 10/23/2012
Fall 2012 Tracking Study

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Digital and Social Media Study

Quick Tips to Increase Your Digital and Social Media Impact

Digital and Social Media Tip Sheet


Get the latest digital marketing techniques with the Digital and Social Media Tip Sheet

The Digital and Social Media Tip sheet showcases the key insights from the HAB 2016 Digital and Social Media Study. The study  explores digital and social media platforms and how they can be used to build shopper engagement, increase usage and influence the purchase of avocados.

Download the Tip Sheet to start getting the most out of your digital and social media content.

For more information, view the full report.




2016 Digital and Social Media Study


Note: actual reports not available in Spanish